African american acne scar treatment

African american acne scar treatment

Despite the fact that people of african descent tend to develop less severe lesions, when scarring does occur, it can come with a particularly vicious type of scar called a keloid scar that is raised above the skin instead of being indented in the skin. these keloid scars are most common on the chest and back and are extremely resistant to scar. compared to caucasians, african americans are up to 15 times more likely to develop acne- related scars. the biggest distinction between treating light and dark skin is that medication most successful in treating and preventing acne, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, can cause irreparable damage in african americans 4. this information on scars, different scar treatments, and the ones that will work for african- americans should allow you to find exactly what you need to treat the scars that you have. having more pigmentation does not mean that the scar treatments that are available will not be useful or effective with the scars that she would like to improve. acne breakouts can be even more confusing to treat. when it comes to choosing products in the health and beauty aisles to soothe acne symptoms, the decision of what to purchase is not an easy one. “ there are many acne products that may be too harsh to apply to skin of color, african- american skin, or ethnic skin, ” tucker dermatologic. dealing with acne scars on black skin can be a bit of a challenge.

while there are numerous treatments available, exercise caution when using them. obagi acne cream. how treat acne scars. skin- lightening creams, for instance, can permanently remove pigment, which can be disfiguring for someone of african american descent 1. acne scars treatment + african american q& a. acne scars laser treatment cost in qatar. there are currently 77 acne scars treatment african american acne scar treatment + african american questions and doctor answers on realself. use a scar treatment cream on your skin. apply a thin layer of the cream three times daily for at least eight weeks. most over- the- counter scar treatment creams contain onion extract.

it effectively reduces the appearance of scars on all skin tones, including african- american skin.

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