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    The term " thai" refers less wild thai strain to a specific strain than it does to a group of strains descending from a sativa landrace in thailand. thai strains are pure sativa, with a 100: 0 sativa/ indica ratio and a typically potent cerebral high that adds pep to a busy day. also known as " thai sticks" because t. after years of r& d and pheno- hunting, this strain was just released to the market on 4/ 20, wild thai is an incredibly rare, 100% pure sativa strain descended from the infamous thai landrace strain bred in the ko chang archipelago. this strain is packed with sweet, earthy, and berry aromas with a touch of herbs and pine. more wild thai strain images. wild thailand marijuana strain is a sativa marijuana. the herb was created by world of seeds bank. indoors these cannabis plants grow to 1. 5 meters in height, while outdoors stretch out to as tall as 3 meters.

    wild thailand can be harvested after 75- 80 days indoors or in late november outdoors. growers can get as much asgrams outdoors. wild thailand is a pure sativa plant from the islands of ko chang. it has a high thc content. the plant is very valuable due its high productivity, stability and resistance to pests. kava and kratom teas. the harvest comes after 11- 13 weeks of bloom and brings yields of 300 gr indoors andgr outdoor. the strain also has a good mold resistance. true to her pure sativa genetics, wild thailand seeds are savagely cerebral and highly euphoric with little impact on the body. with uplifting properties and generous yields, this ancient strain is better than anything the modern world has to offer.

    3% thc levels; pure sativa straight from the deepest regions of thailand. 0 wild thailand strain review. wild thailand is the thai landrace created and introduced by a well- known breeder. wild thailand is a sativa cannabis strain. wild thailand is a thai landrace preserved and sold by world of seeds. this 100% sativa landrace hails from the ko chang archipelago and offers consumers. thai is a pure sativa landrace native to the tropical jungles of thailand. with a potency earned through centuries of isolated breeding, this strain has a famous pungency and an intense. christop reviewed wild thailand by world of seeds bank. 9 years ago · of the 50 or so strains i have, this is my personal favourite. it is a 100 % sativa high of the south eat asian variety- racy, not stoned, get housework and yardwork done, hallucinatory, paranoia.

    nice for those without paranoia issues, otherwise forget it. sorry no picture as. wild thailand is a pure landrace strain coming from the islands of ko chang in thailand. it is one of the strains with the highest thc content in the world. it is loved by the rural thai farmers who take it bangkok to sell, risking the very harsh pen. thai is a south- east asian native that was born and bred in thailand, with effects as exotic as its origin. this strain can be a little challenging for growers to cultivate away from the sub- topical climate it is used to, but it can be done with a little added humidity and lots of heat. wild thailand is a rare 100% pure sativa strain created as a descendant of the infamous thai landrace strain bred in the ko chang archipelago.

    with a super delicious thai flavor and lifted tingly effects, you' ll be going wild for wild thailand after just one taste! wild thailand has piecey neon. breeder : world of seeds strain : wild thailand indica/ sativa : pure landrace sativa grown in soil this one works. buds are very dense and resiny, pale green in appearance and cures to a pale or tan brown due to resin but you can still see the pale green through the tan. tastes of wood and a sweet and sour berry profile will have you coming back for this strain again and again. those who aren’ t as experienced in the cannabis world should probably stay away from wild thailand as this strain is exceptionally powerful from the start. wild thailand is a variety of the islands of ko chang ( thailand). this is a cannabis plant with very high thc content. highly valued by asian growers for production and resistance to pests. its powerful sativa genetic and sweet taste, you will travel.

    independent, standardized information about world of seeds bank' s cannabis- strain wild thailand! find phenotypes, comments + detailed profiles, flowering- time, thc- content, images, prices & stores, extended family- tree & lineages, crossings & hybrids, grow- journals, direct- comparisons, medicinal properties, and much more! thai refers to a cannabis variety that grows natively in thailand and was brought to the u. this pure sativa landrace is sometimes called “ thai sticks” because of the way. wild thailand is a pure sativa land- race strain that comes from the ko chang archipelago in thailand. it has been in- bred for many generations by local farmers thereby fixing its properties into a stable and reliable marijuana strain.

    Wild thai strain
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    Wild thai strain

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